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A Show Your Mother Would Love

Yes, of course, Tuba Atonement is a drag show, except it is also so much more. 

Queer KY

Louisville theater company spotlights diversity

Drag Daddy Productions is so much more than a theatre company. It’s a way of life. Providing a safe and inclusive space for everyone–from performers, to the crew, to the audience–is of utmost importance to everyone involved.

Gilda Wabbit as HEDWIG


Gilda Wabbit as Hedwig is absolutely transcendent. From the moment she walks onstage, you know you’re in for a great show.

Weathering Rainbows Podcast

A Night of Queer Theater

Kurtis Sunset interviews Tony Lewis, from Drag Daddy Productions, who writes and produces queer theater that highlights the theatrical talents of drag queens.

Alice In Derbyland!

In this musical for all-ages, Alice faces off against the evil Delta Queen and Seersucker Cat with the help of the Mad Milliner, the Fascinate-Hare and the Churchill Rabbit.

Snow White And The Seven Drag Queens

Snow White And The Seven Drag Queens

Let’s be honest, Snow White would have been better off kicking it with seven drag queens in a land far far away… I mean, seriously.