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Louisville theater company spotlights diversity

In an article on Monday, Alixandria Thomason of Queer Kentucky, wrote a story on the uprising of Drag Drag Daddy Productions. In this article Thomason wrote about how Executive Producer Tony Lewis has disrupted the local theatre scene when he moved from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky in the midst of a pandemic to bring theatre back to life in the LGBTQIA+ community as Drag Daddy Productions!

Drag Daddy Productions is so much more than a theatre company. It’s a way of life. Providing a safe and inclusive space for everyone–from performers, to the crew, to the audience–is of utmost importance to everyone involved.

Alixandria Thomason of QUEER KY

Queer Kentucky is a diverse LGBTQ+ run non-profit based in Louisville, Kentucky working to bolster and enhance Queer culture and health though storytelling, education and action. Read Article

Queer KY

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